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No matter where you live there is bound to be a Schwinn shop somwhere in driving distance of your house. Schwinn shop's all over America are starting to get riders who race to join a "Grass Roots" program supported by the Schwinn full factory riders. When you sign up for the program you will recive a list of prices for all kinds of Schwinn and XS-products. It is up to the shop owner on how much of a discount you will recive(the bigger the team is the smaller the discount per rider). For instance im on a 4 rider team and we get about a 30% discount on everything Schwinn/XS related. I just bought a $1100.00 bike and only paid $614.18 for it. Thats the Pro Modified 1 and i also bought a Schwinn team jersey for $38.00 its normally $60.00 and a pair of XS race pants for $100.00 they normally cost between $150.00-$180.00. Thats about it. E-MAIL me for information or if you want a sponsership and you live on the east coast.

image designed by Brian Shannon

This page has been taken to a Schwinn dealer times in the past month!